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NEOS free paper prize - spring meeting

The oral free paper competition is held annually at each spring meeting. The presenting author must register for and attend the meeting.

To be considered for the prize, the work must be undertaken wholly in the North of England and/or North Wales. The work can be by any grade except consultant. 

Submissions must be completed before the published deadline. Submissions after the deadline will not be considered.

DEADLINE: 31st January 2024

The Prize(s) will be known as the North of England Ophthalmological Society Paper Prize

There shall be two prizes of equal value (£250) awarded at the Spring meeting of the Society for the best free papers

The value of the prize(s) may be altered from time to time by quorum of the Council of the North of England Ophthalmological Society

The Prize Committee shall comprise the Chair of the Scientific Committee (or nominated representative in his/her absence) and at least two members of the Council

The Prize Committee shall have equal votes in the judgement of the prize(s)

Entrants may submit a maximum of one free paper and / or one poster / and or one video abstract in any given year

The prize(s) will have a monetary value (currently £250) and will be awarded to the lead author of the winning free paper, who must present the paper at the Spring meeting

The Prize Committee has the right to withhold award of a prize if in their opinion no free paper merits award of a prize

Where a member of the Prize committee is a joint author or has any other personal involvement in a paper, he/she will declare an interest to the Chairman of the Prize committee and will refrain from taking part in the judging of that paper or poster. The Chairman will average the marks awarded by the remaining members of the Prize Committee and apply this average to the aggregate marks

All grades except Consultant are eligible to be considered for a prize

Research work presented must have been undertaken in a department of ophthalmology affiliated to the North of England Ophthalmological Society or in a university or research institute directly affiliated to that department (based in the north of England or north Wales)

All submissions must follow the guidance laid down on the abstract form and be submitted electronically before the deadline. Submissions received after the deadline and not typewritten will not be considered

The author must declare any conflict of interest, and whether the work has been published or presented elsewhere

The first named author must register to attend the meeting to present the paper. All applicable registration fees must be paid before the meeting

The paper must be submitted and presented at the author’s own expense

The Council of the North of England Ophthalmological Society may amend these rules at any time