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PJ Hay Memorial Prize Essay

The Percival J. Hay Memorial Prize is awarded for a critical essay or paper, which may or may not have been published. Applicants must be members of the Society.

The Percival J Hay Memorial Trust makes the award. The value of the Prize is set each year by the Trustees of the Percival J. Hay Memorial Trust in consultation with the Council of the Society.

Intending applicants should contact the Society in writing via the Contact Us form.  Please refer to and read the rules below before submitting your entry or enquiry

The prize shall be awarded by competition annually or at such intervals as the Trustees determine.

The prize will be a sum of money (the amount to be determined by the Trustees).

All members of the Society shall be eligible to enter for the prize; non-members shall not be eligible.

The work should be of an ophthalmological nature or having a direct bearing on ophthalmology in the form of an original essay or paper.

The work may be either previously unpublished, or published in a recognised ophthalmological, medical or scientific journal within two years of the application.

Entries should be submitted by a single competitor. Where an essay has more than one author, the entry should be made by, and in the name of, the first author, who should include a signed declaration by the co-author(s) that he/she is indeed the author and that the prize, if awarded, should be given in its entirety to him/her personally.

Each competitor may submit only one entry per year.

Previous winners are ineligible for entry to competition and consideration of a prize for the next 2 years.

It is a condition of entry and acceptance of the prize that competitors undertake to read their entries at a Meeting of the Society.

Closing date for entries will be 30th June annually.

The paper should be read, and the prize presented at a following meeting of the Society.

A pdf copy of the essay (together with the author declaration form if applicable) to be submitted, to the executive secretary.

The adjudicating committee shall consist of  PJ Hay Trustees and a member of the NEOS Council.

The committee may determine that no award should be made if in their opinion no entry is of sufficient merit.

Unsuccessful entries may, if eligible, be submitted in subsequent years.