North of England Ophthalmological Society


Conveners - Miss Sarah Anderson and Mr Robert Taylor, York                                                                                               Programme

Welcome to Wetherby


150 Members and guests attended the  Spring Meeting of the Society at Wetherby Racecourse

on Tuesday 13th March 2018

The on-call dilemma and the patient who will not do as they are told

The PJ Hay Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof Richard Gale, York

on the subject of “The Value of the Ophthalmic History: Lessons from clinical cases and a programme of research”

Two prizes were awarded at the annual Free Paper competition-

 Paul Steptoe, Liverpool - Multimodal Imaging and Spatial Analysis of Ebola Virus Retinal Lesions

and associated Retinal Darkening in a Cohort of Fourteen Ebola Survivors

Panos Sergouniotis, Manchester - Clinical genetic testing in 85 consecutive

children with inherited retinal disease

Thank you to all the entrants - the papers were all to a high standard..

Please give feedback for this meeting.


Paper Prize Winner Paper Prize Winner Essay Prize 2018
Prof Richard Gale receives the PJ Hay Memorial Medal AudienceSpring 18